Meet your customers

Say “Hello.” Open up. Follow-on.

“Highrise makes the job easy”


You don't need automation. You need to say "Hello."

Say Hello

How long should someone take to read your email? Should they take as long as it took you to write it?

Take a minute to craft real, fresh words that people might connect with and you stand a chance at having them actually read what you're sending.

You don't need to stalk your leads. You need to open up.

Share contacts

The pitch from marketing tools today - Stalk your leads. Identify anonymous traffic. Billions of people served.

Use tools like Highrise to reverse it. Open up and become more transparent to your customers.

You don't just need to follow-up. You need to follow-on.

Share contacts

Just wanted to follow up on this. Is there a good time for us to touch base next week?

We're nagged all the time with "follow-ups." And yet we're guilty of sending them. Schedule a task to follow up. But then follow-on. Add more value and insight into your customer's business.

“A 'running record of who said what when and who sent what to whom ALL in one place' tool above the rest.”
-Ken Jansen (Keller Williams Realty Partners)
Highrise Tools

The tools you need, all in one simple place

Highrise is the "no-busywork" system to track leads, manage follow-ons and build relationships.

Other things you can do with Highrise

  • Keep important customer emails together on one page
  • Bulk email your customers a newsletter
  • See all the people your company knows at a prospect
  • Find the follow-ups scheduled for today and this week
  • Enter notes from a call with a client
  • Review a colleague’s notes while she's on vacation
  • Set a reminder to write your client a thank-you note
  • Schedule a follow-up sales call with a lead or client in 30 days
  • Set a task for a co-worker to review a proposal

“With this handy little app by your side, you can easily show your clients that you remember who they are”

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