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Simple CRM for small business that helps you stay organized

(A secret weapon to track tasks, contacts, emails and notes)

We designed Highrise to do just what you need – no more, no less

Features that simplify your workflow

  • Track new business deals
  • Add files to deals and projects
  • Attach emails to deals, projects, contacts
  • Reply to important emails
  • Add tasks to people, companies, or projects
  • Add notes and comments
  • Shared contacts and companies
  • Search and filter all your contacts
  • Tag contacts for easy organization
  • Custom data fields for people and companies
  • Simple data import and export
  • Integration with many 3rd party tools via API
Your address book doesn’t do enough, other CRM software tries to do too much. Stay connected with simple contact management.

Why we work on Highrise

Our relationships with our customers aren’t what they used to be. We used to run stores and exchange real cash for goods and services. We knew our customers' faces, their significant others, if they had kids, even what kind of pizza they liked. They became our friends.

I remember when my father ran a golf course pro-shop and I worked there for many years. Our customers came in through a door. They bought coffee and hot dogs from us, while we chatted about their lives. We knew who was retired. We knew who were the firefighters and let them play for free. Some of our customers even had our personal phone numbers so when the teenage version of me slept too long past 4am to open the place, they knew who to call.

But today, most of us work with our customers simply and always over email. If we’re lucky, we get an occasional phone call or short in-person meeting, but most of the time it’s quick, easily forgettable bursts of text. Our understanding of our customers’ emotions is replaced with the rare emoticon. What do they really care about? We have no idea.

We work on Highrise to try and capture just a little bit of what we lost from those relationships. We work on Highrise to create more meaningful interactions with those around us: with our customers, with our employees, even with our friends.

We work on Highrise to get back that feeling that someone just walked through our door.

30-day Free Trial on All Accounts

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For Power Users

Up to 40 users

30,000 contacts

Unlimited deals

30GB storage

Safe & Secure

No per-user fees



Most Popular Plan

Up to 15 users

20,000 contacts

Unlimited deals

15GB storage

Safe & Secure

No per-user fees

30-day free trial on all accounts



For Small Groups

Up to 6 users

5,000 contacts

10 deals

5GB storage

Safe & Secure

No per-user fees

We also offer a free plan - 2 users, no files, 250 contacts and a solo plan (1 user, 5 GB file storage, unlimited deals, 20k contacts, $29/month).

Everything in your Highrise account is safe, secure, and password-protected.

Share contacts

Share everything with your team

Highrise is the perfect place to track contacts and communication so that your team can view the status of any deal or relationship. Make notes on a meeting, share important emails during negotiation, or share tasks related to any contact or project. You can also mark information private to yourself or select team members, so that you share what you want, when you want.

  • Share an address book
  • Store important emails
  • Attach documents and files
  • Control who sees what with easy privacy settings
Share contacts

Track your tasks & set reminders

Never let a deal fall through the cracks again. Stay on top of your new business pipeline by creating tasks to follow up with leads and check in with customers. View tasks by company, contact, or project, and add reminders to tasks so that you never forget to send an email again.

  • Keep track of important tasks
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Get reminders via email or SMS
Share contacts

Manage communication

Track and share your contacts and emails in Highrise. It’s easy to import your contacts from Outlook, Gmail, Excel, and more. Reply to important emails at the right time with the right information.

  • Send emails to contacts
  • Import contacts via CSV
  • Connect 3rd party tools like MailChimp
Highrise Tools

The tools you need, all in one place

Highrise is the just-right, more thoughtful way to keep track of the people, conversations, and tasks that are the lifelines of your business

Things you can do with Highrise

  • Keep important customer emails together on one page
  • Review communications with your investors
  • See all the people your company knows at The New York Times and how to contact them
  • See all the follow-ups scheduled for today and this week
  • Enter notes from a call with a client
  • Review a colleague’s notes before calling her contact at the printer
  • Set a reminder to write your client a thank-you note next Friday
  • Schedule a follow-up sales call with a lead or client in 30 days
  • Set a task for a co-worker to review a proposal

“Highrise does nearly everything a personal secretary might do except go out for coffee and pick up our dry cleaning.”

Washington Post
Highrise makes using CRM Software simple. Import your contacts from any email system and get started today.