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Simple CRM

Track leads. Manage follow-ups.
— zero learning curve —

“Highrise makes the job easy”


No manual required. We have one. You won't need it.

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Never let a lead fall through the cracks again

  • Keep track of important follow-ups
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Bulk email your contacts to stay top of mind
“It's just so much easier to keep track of everything.”
-Daniel de Lafoix (Arcaeon Design Studio)
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Get your team back to selling

  • Share your lead spreadsheet with one click
  • Close more deals when you have all the facts on one page
  • Master in minutes
“I was considering hiring an assistant, but Highrise efficiently and effectively does the job for me!”
-Laura George (Laura George Consulting)
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Know who said what to whom and when

  • Stay on top of what's going on
  • Control who sees what with easy privacy settings
  • Find everything instantly
“A 'running record of who said what when and who sent what to whom ALL in one place' tool above the rest.”
-Ken Jansen (Keller Williams Realty Partners)
Highrise Tools

The tools you need, all in one simple place

Highrise is the "no-busywork" system to track leads, manage follow-ups and grow your business.

Things you can do with Highrise

  • Keep important customer emails together on one page
  • Bulk email your customers a newsletter
  • See all the people your company knows at a prospect
  • Find the follow-ups scheduled for today and this week
  • Enter notes from a call with a client
  • Review a colleague’s notes while she's on vacation
  • Set a reminder to write your client a thank-you note
  • Schedule a follow-up sales call with a lead or client in 30 days
  • Set a task for a co-worker to review a proposal

“If you are an entrepreneur that does a lot of sales or client meetings, then Highrise is the app for you”

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Life's too short for cumbersome CRM systems. We designed ours so you'll be a master within minutes.