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For Power Users

  • Up to 40 users
  • 30 GB storage
  • Unlimited deals
  • 30,000 contacts
  • Enhanced security
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Most popular plan

  • Up to 15 users

    What's a user?

    Users can log in and use Highrise together with you to share and manage contacts and tasks. For example, if you have 5 co-workers you'd probably have 5 users. If you are a small company of 14 people, you'd probably have about 14 users. The price of the plan includes all the users on the plan. For example, the $49/month plan includes up to 15 users. That's not $49/month per user, it's $49/month total for up to 15 users. If you have 7 or 15 users it's still just $49/month total.

  • 15 GB storage

    What's the storage for?

    File storage allows you to upload files, documents, pictures, audio, or video to your Highrise account. The higher your plan, the more storage is included. If you ever run out of space you can upgrade your plan.

  • Unlimited deals

    What are Deals?

    Deals let you keep track of proposals, bids, estimates, and sales for each customer, person, or company you have in your Highrise account. You can keep track of pending deals, deals you've won, and deals you've lost.

    Solo, Plus, Premium, and Max plans include unlimited deals. Basic includes 10 pending deals (once a deal is won or lost it doesn't count against your total).

  • 20,000 contacts

    What are contacts?

    Contacts are people in your address book. If you have 300 people in your Highrise address book you'd have 300 contacts. The higher the plan the more contacts you can manage. If you ever need more contacts you can always upgrade your plan later.

  • Enhanced security

    What is enhanced security?

    All Highrise accounts are password protected for your security. Enhanced security accounts also include SSL 128-bit encryption. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, but what it really means is that the data sent between Highrise and your computer is safely encrypted from prying eyes. It's the same technology that online banks and e-commerce sites use to keep your credit card information safe.

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30-day free trial on all accounts



For small groups

  • Up to 6 users
  • 5 GB storage
  • 10 deals
  • 5,000 contacts
  • Enhanced security
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We also offer a free plan (2 users, no files, 250 contacts) and a solo plan (1 user, 5 GB file storage, unlimited deals, 20k contacts, $29/month).
Everything in your Highrise account is safe, secure, and password-protected.

“Highrise does nearly everything a personal secretary might do except go out for coffee and pick up our dry cleaning.”

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The answer is

  • Can I import my contacts from Outlook or Excel?
  • Can I keep meeting notes in Highrise?
  • Can I attach documents and contracts to contacts in Highrise?
  • Can I track our proposals and deals with Highrise?
  • Can I access my contacts on an iPhone or Android phone?
  • Can I set a follow-up task after I enter a note?
  • Can I assign a task to a fellow co-worker?
  • Can I keep track of the last time I talked to someone?
  • Can I use Highrise to keep track of employee reviews?
  • Can I import contacts from the Mac address book? vCards?
  • Can I find out how much business we won this month?
  • Can I get task reminders via email/SMS on my mobile?
  • Can I access my contacts if I’m in someone else’s office?
  • Can I keep important emails in Highrise?
  • Can I easily export contacts, notes, and emails from Highrise?
  • Can I attach a signed contract directly to a contact?
  • Can I use Highrise to remind me of a client’s birthday?
  • Can I store all my contact’s contact info in Highrise?
  • Can I use Highrise together with my co-workers?
  • Can I see a map of where a contact is located?
  • Can I see a list of everyone I know with a 312 area code?
  • Can I tag a group of contacts so I can easily find them later?
  • Can I keep some tasks to myself and share others with everyone?
  • Can I use Highrise to keep track of conversations with vendors?
  • Can I forward important emails directly to Highrise?
  • Can I set a reminder to call someone back in 30 days?
  • Can I use Highrise on a Mac? A PC? An iPad?
  • Can I keep some contacts private so only I can see them?
  • Can I use Highrise to remember who I talked to last week?
  • Can I comment on a client’s email without them seeing it?
  • Can I comment on a co-worker’s conversation notes?
  • Can I categorize my tasks (emails to send, calls to make, etc)?
  • Can I link someone else to a specific email?
  • Can I store background and biographical info on each contact?
  • Can I see a list of all the CEOs I know in San Francisco?
  • Can I use Highrise to remind me of someone’s anniversary?
  • Can I see a contact’s Twitter tweets inside Highrise?
  • Can I monitor the status of my deals (won, lost, pending)?
  • Can I use Highrise to keep track of when someone was hired?
  • Can I find out what time it is in a different time zone?
  • Can I see a list of all the journalists we’ve talked with?
  • Can I keep related notes together in one place in Highrise?
  • Can I integrate Highrise with email newsletter services?
  • Can I capture data from a web form and send it to Highrise?
  • Can I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel any time?
  • Will I love Highrise?


Do I have to sign a long term contract?

No. Highrise is a pay-as-you-go service. There are no long term contracts or commitments on your part. You simply pay month-to-month. If you cancel, you’ll be billed for the current month, but you won’t be billed again.

Are there per-user fees?

No. The prices you see above are all inclusive. For example, the Premium plan is $99/month for up to 40 users. That means you pay $99/month total no matter how many users you have as long as it's 40 or less.

What types of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We do not accept PayPal. At this time we only accept payments online so we will not be able to accept a P.O., invoice you, or take an order over the phone.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

If you cancel a paying plan within 30 days of signing up you won’t be charged a thing. If you do choose to cancel your account in the future you will never be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. Refunds can not be issued after your initial 30 day trial and we don’t prorate for partial months.

Do I get a 30-day free trial if I upgrade?

If you upgrade from a free account to a pay account you are not eligible for the 30-day free trial. The 30-day free trial on paying plans only applies if you sign up for a paying plan now. You can always downgrade later if you choose.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yep. Simply click on the “Account” tab on your dashboard and you’ll see your options.

Your data is secure

Your data is safe and secure

Our state-of-the-art computer servers are protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance. Our product software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. Our network is protected by an enterprise-class firewall to keep your data safe.

What web browsers work with Highrise?

Internet Explorer 7 and higher, Firefox 3 and higher, Safari 4 and higher, Chrome 4 and higher.

Any questions before you sign up?

If you have questions about Highrise or the sign up process just submit a support request and we’ll get right back to you.

Got terms of service and privacy policies?

Here are our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.