What is CRM?

Track leads. Manage follow-ups.
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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Slightly more specifically Wikipedia says: CRM ‘is an approach to managing a company's interaction with current and potential customers.’

CRM can range anywhere from lead generation and management to customer support and everywhere in between. Capterra reports:

The primary function of a CRM is to keep track of your customers and all their information in a single place. Thus... every single interaction your company has ever had with them can all be easily looked up.

And they go on to say CRMs allow you to schedule and accordingly remind you to follow up.

Having everything in one place along + following up ==> a huge part of sales.

Generally, in today’s marketplace, CRM tools actually focus more on the acquisition of customers and driving leads through pipelines, rather than on relationship management for the entire lifetime of someone as a customer.


Highrise however was built to focus on the relationship. The connection. Getting to know your leads better, making sure you follow up, building context overtime, understanding their needs and desires. Remembering faces and details like the sport their daughter plays or their favorite coffee drink.

Because in a world of people, we can't succeed at any business without relationships and connections.

Highrise simple CRM allows you to:

“If you are an entrepreneur that does a lot of sales or client meetings, then Highrise is the app for you”

Life's too short for cumbersome CRM systems. We designed ours so you'll be a master within minutes.